Think about these before you rent property to DSS tenants

Finding the right tenants who can be trusted with your property is a must. Aside from treating your property with the utmost care, their capability for paying the rent properly is vital. That’s why choosing the tenants carefully is always be the best option. There are several things that you must consider before you’re handing over your property to a tenant. The first thing that you must think is the rent guarantee insurance for DSS tenants. It’s true that the DSS tenants can be very promising, but they also have a few negative sides as well.

The good thing is that these kinds of tenants are financially backed up by the council, and at the same time, they’ve also got the reliable source of income. So as the landlord, you will be able to get the monthly fee without any problem, and you’re pretty much guaranteed by this condition. Aside from that, it’s also possible that the council will also pay for the proportion of their rental fee directly, which is even more reassuring for every landlord out there. That’s why dealing with the DSS tenants is a lot easier for many property owners.

However, it comes with a few negative sides as well. First, is the risk. As you can expect, things are mostly going to be fine with the DSS tenants. Unfortunately, bad things happen sometimes. So you have to get a lot of complications, especially with the government by the time your tenants are no longer DSS. This makes them your everyday tenants with no any guarantee that they can pay the rent just like they used to be. Other than that, by the time you’re renting your property to DSS tenants, you also have to pay the higher premiums too. It’s because of the fact that it won’t be easy for the insurance companies to also cover for the people who aren’t their direct clients.