How to Clean Your Pool

Some lucky homes can be equipped with swimming pool facilities, but as a consequence pool treatment becomes an additional routine that needs attention. Pool water, floors, pool walls, and surrounding areas need to be kept clean and healthy. The floor around the pool should be diligently clean with cleaning fluid which also serves as a disinfectant, to ensure it is bacteria free. You can also use our el dorado hills pool services to clean your pool with professionals.

Pool water requires regular maintenance to keep the balance balanced so as not to irritate the skin and eyes. The use of chemicals is commonly used as a way to clear the pool water, so you should know what materials are needed and how often to use them.

The chemicals below are commonly used to treat swimming pool water. Remember to always read the labels on the packaging so you can use them according to the instructions and dosage. There are many brands of pool water treatment products, but usually, the active ingredients are the same. What distinguishes the brands of pool cleaning products is the levels of the active ingredients, so again look at the label before buying it.

– Chlorine
How to clear the pool water so practical thanks to this material. Chlorine serves to bind the dirt in the water so the water is clean. Chlorine can be obtained in tablet, liquid, or granular form. Chlorine tablets are often an option because of low solubility so that chlorine is released bit by bit and is durable. Chlorine should be put into the pool water in the afternoon when the sun is not scorching or at night because the sun can reduce chlorine levels. Treatment with high chlorine or shock treatment products is also required once a week.

– Cyanuric acid
These chemicals are needed to balance the pH in the water in order for maximum functional chlorine to purify the water. The recommended pH of water is between 7,2-7,8. Cyanuric Acid is usually already contained in chlorine tablets, but if not, you need to add them separately.

– Algaecide
This material is a surfactant material that prevents moss in the pool. Usually, Algaecide is added in the pool a day after shock treatment.